Fabulous Finds: Who are we?

Elzabeth's Fabulous Finds is a personal journey fuelled by passion, curiosity and determination.

I love to travel, explore and share stories. I love searching for unique treasures in places all across the world and I love being an entrepreneur. This is a combination of all of the above and I am so excited for this new chapter.

I will sell hats, but I am not just a "hat store". I will sell clothing, but I am not just a "clothing store". Sometimes it will be my own finds, sometimes I may feature finds from other people and stores. There is no limit to what I may find and share, but quality will be of utmost importance in my search for everything and anything of above-average-awesomeness.

At Elzabeth's Fabulous Finds you will find exclusive products that are unique, affordable and exciting. Shop the "finest of the flock" from the comfort of your own home... 

but hurry- Limited quantities available.

"I have no special talents. I am just passionately curious" - Albert Einstein